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What Are The Best Hair Extension Methods?

My obsession with hair extensions arose at an early age, I remember begging my parents for my first set of clip-in's at thirteen years old. My best friend and I would apply, style and dye our extensions excessively. Often our eagerness was greater than our ability. Fast forward to to today, my enthusiasm and competence are aligned. Most women don't share my experience with hair extensions and their is so many choices out there that it can be tricky to know where to start. Whether your looking to buy, encountering issues or simply curious about extensions, you can find value in the information below.

What are the best hair extension methods?

If your new to hair extensions, learning about all of the different methods can be confusing. Some methods are better for certain hair types, some are designed for comfort and some are designed for quick personal application/removal. To help you learn what is best for you, here are four common types of hair extensions and a brief a overview on each one.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a popular choice. Their design is like a curtain of hair with tiny clips at the base. They are desired for their ease of application, meaning they can be installed and removed quickly by the wearer without any training, making these extensions great for the casual wearer. Something to note is clip-ins are generally more detectable than semi-permeant options, so people are more likely to notice you are wearing hair extensions.

Clip-in Hair Extensions | Sophia Hair Australia 

How long can you wear them? 1 Day/night 

How long do they take to install? 10 Minutes

Recommended for: The casual wearer

Pros Cons
- Easy application - Installing and removing often causes wear an breakage on your natural hair
- Affordable - Often noticeable
- No long-term commitment - Have to be removed before bed

Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Micro beads (sometimes referred to as micro rings or I-tips) are preferred by a lot of women because they will not damage your natural hair if installed correctly. Your natural hair and a 1 gram bundle of extensions are threaded through a metal bead with an inner silicone lining. The bead is then clamped flat locking your hair between the silicone. Heat, chemicals and glue are not required in the application. The hair is applied 1 gram bundles, making this method superior for customising placement and achieving seamless blends. Micro beads are not recommended for people with thin, oily hair because this is likely to increase the chance of the beads slipping.

Micro bead hair extension application | Sophia Hair Australia

How long can you wear them? Move-up every 4-6 weeks

How long do they take to install? 1-3 Hours

Recommended for: Medium to thick hair

Pros Cons
- No heat, chemicals or glue  Only suitable for some hair types
- Seamless blends
- Durable

See Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Sewn-in Weft Extensions

Sewn in weft (sometimes referred to as weave) is a suitable method for all hair types and ideal for thick hair. A horizontal braid is created using your natural hair, the curtain like weft is then sewn along the braid securing it into position. Unlike other methods you can use oil and silicone based products without worrying about the extensions slipping. Keeping the weft clean is important to avoid bacteria build-up. Regular washing and maintenance is advised.

Weft Hair Extensions Application - Sophia Hair Australia


How long can you wear them? Move-up every 4-6 weeks

How long do they take to install? 1-3 Hours

Recommended for: Medium to thick hair

Pros Cons
- No heat, chemicals or glue - Can cause initial scalp discomfort
- Great for thick hair - Requires regular washing to avoid build up
- No gaps, creating a natural look

See Weft Hair Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions

The tape-in method is the fastest of all semi-permanent methods in terms of application. Your natural hair is sandwiched between two sticky tape wefts to create the bond. The tape tabs are positioned in various sections, spreading the weight and making this the safest method for the health of your natural hair.



How long can you wear them? Move-up every 4-6 weeks

How long do they take to install? 45 Minutes - 2 Hours

Recommended for: Fine to thick hair

Pros Cons
- Safest method for your natural hair - Cannot wash for 48 hours after application
- Undetectable allowing you to wear them with most hairstyles - Silicone and oil based products could cause them to loosen or slip
- Fast application - Not recommended for swimming

See Tape Hair Extensions


Lifespan: How long should they last?

How long the hair extensions will actually last may be a concern you have when considering buying them, and why shouldn't it be? Ladies often spend hundreds and sometimes over a thousand dollars on beautiful long hair, expecting it to last them eighteen months and end up having the hair matte after three. This can be due to poor maintenance but just as often it is due to poor hair. Most of the time if you are buying your hair at retail value for under a few hundred dollars this will be the case. The good news is it doesn't have to be that way. Sophia Hair only stock premium remy double drawn hair extensions that will last up to 18 months with the proper care.

How do I care for my hair?

Caring for hair extensions is underrated. Often consumers won't do the necessary research on what it takes to maintain their extensions, and suppliers rarely put enough emphasis on the importance of this topic. You, on the other hand, are reading this article and are no dummy. Hair extensions are not rooted to your scalp, so they do not receive the nourishment that you real hair does. For this reason, extensions have more requirements than your natural hair, and the wearer will need take care of the maintenance where the body cant. Take a look at our Top 5 Tips for hair extension care.

Will hair extensions damage my natural hair?

No, assuming the hair extensions are applied correctly and the owner maintains them properly. Here are a few points to consider.

Experienced Hair Extension Technicians - We do not advise attending a regular hair salon to install your hair extensions. shop around to find a professional that regularly carries out extension applications. The fact is there are many reputable hair extension salons and technicians popping up in every city across Australia. These are professionals that are dedicated solely to hair extensions and likely know their way in and out of every situation. Please do your own research and search reviews prior to booking.

Regular Maintenance - Having your technician move your hair up every 4-6 weeks is ideal if you want to prevent your natural hair from being damaged, and the extensions from becoming noticeable. Humans are constantly shedding hair, and when you are wearing hair extensions this hair gets tangled in the bonds and remains on your head. Also the longer your hair grows out the more prone it is to breaking for the same reason that a long thin stick is much easier to break than a short thin stick.

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Lucas Miller

Sophia Hair Australia

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