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Sensational Gift for Your Girlfriend, or Your Money Back!

Hair Extensions Surprise Gifting

Gifting hair extensions is like aiming for the gift-giving Hall of Fame. It can catapult you to legendary status or, if you get it wrong, land you in the dog house (no pressure!). Luckily, with Sophia Hair by your side, you're set to be the hero, not the zero. We've got the perfect picks and the best salons lined up. And hey, if for some wild reason things don't sparkle as they should, our no-sweat return policy is your safety net. Get ready to bask in the glow of your gift-giving brilliance!

  1. You fill out the form

  2. We get in touch

  3. We Personalise a plan

  4. We ask for your approval!

  5. We organise the appointment and the hair extensions

  6. You get her to the Salon

  7. You get the credit!

Bonus! Our lips are sealed throughout the entire process to ensure your surprise stays a delightful mystery.

Our "It's Not You, It's Me" Returns Promise: We know surprises can be hit or miss, and sometimes minds change. If your giftee decides they're not ready to embrace the hair extension life, simply send back the unused extensions for a full refund. We'll handle it discreetly, as if it never even happened. However, do keep in mind, once those extensions are installed, they’re yours to keep due to our hygiene policy.

Stop! Don't gift hair extensions if you don't want your spouse to be head over heels in love with you!!

Side effects of submitting this form can include: Receiving constant adoration, feelings of appreciation and extreme affection, invasion of personal space for cuddles, non-stop giggling at your jokes, jelouse neighbours, pregnancy and friends asking you for gifting advice...