How to care for Hair Extensions - Top 5 Tips

Dedicated to the women who have paid a premium for hair extensions but haven't been given enough information to maintain them. These are the top 5 tips that you ladies can follow in order to keep those locks luscious for up to 18 months!

1. Never go to bed with wet hair

Hair is generally weaker when wet, and damp hair is vulnerable to rubbing, causing damage to the hair extensions and weakening the bonds. Always make sure your hair and the extensions bonds are completely dry before hitting the pillow, it can be easy to overlook this tip, that is why I've made it number 1.

2. Plait/Braid your hair for sleep

Yes, another sleeping tip. Plaiting or braiding your hair before bed time will reduce the amount of friction and matting in your hair through the night, making for easy to brush hair in the morning that won't pull on your extensions bonds. In addition, doing this will prevent the bonds from moving and tangling while you sleep.

             Watch the video below to learn a simple braid.

    3. Brushing your hair extensions

    Just like with your real hair, it is important to brush your hair extensions regularly. This helps maintain the hair, keeping it free from matting and tangling. Regular brushes often get caught in the extensions bonds weakening them and causing slippage. Purchasing a hair extension loop brush is a cheap investment compared to emergency maintenance or new hair extensions.

    Recommendation: Curious Grace Extension Loop Brush

    Hair Extension Loop Brush

     4. Use the right products

    Because hair extensions are not rooted to your scalp they do not receive nourishing minerals, oils and vitamins like your real hair would, this can leave them feeling dry. Their are specially formulated products out there for hair extensions that infuse them with these natural oils and essential nutrients restoring moisture and shine to the hair.

    Recommendation: Deep Muk Ultra Soft Shampoo & Conditioner

    Deep Muk Ultra Soft Hair Extension Shampoo | Sophia Hair Australia

    5. Hair extensions & swimming

    Pool chemicals and seawater both have negative effects on your hair extensions. On the other hand this is Australia and some days not diving in just isn't an option! If you get in the water you should try to keep your hair dry by tying it up or covering those beautiful curls with a fashionable swimming cap. If you must wet your hair it is a good idea to soak it with fresh water first, think of dry hair as a sponge absorbing everything that it initially touches.

    Woman swimming with wet hair extensions | Sophia Hair Australia
    Stay tuned for more hair extension related tips and topics. For a more complete aftercare manual, read our full Aftercare Guide.


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